The English Model T Ford -Volume 1-
First, there was Volume 1 - The English Model T Ford A Century of the Model T in Britain, published by the Model T Ford Register of Great Britain in 2008, was written by Register Archivist Martin Riley and enthusiastic collectors Neil Tuckett and the late Bruce Lilleker. It covers the early history of Ford in the UK from 1903 to the end of Model T production in 1927, including the contribution made by Percival Perry, Ford UK's first MD. All the factory cars and commercial vehicles are described and illustrated. The full history of prices, production and sales is documented. There is a 16-page colour section. It is the much-praised definitive book on the Trafford Park factory Ford's first outside North America and its products. 304 pages A4 hardback with dust jacket.

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The English Model T Ford Beyond the Factory -Volume 2-
Written by the Register's current Archivist, Chris Barker, together with Neil Tuckett and Bruce Lilleker's son, Drew. It complements Volume 1 by describing what happened to British Model Ts after they left Trafford Park. In the years before and after WWI, Ford sold 300,000 Model Ts in Britain. Customer choice was limited; two seats or 4 (with or without a roof), a van, or later on, a truck. For ten years they only came in black. Henry Ford believed his Model T was perfect for everyone just as he built it. Customers and inventors thought differently. They found thousands of ways to improve his cars with accessories and modifications, and they turned cars into trucks, buses, tractors, fire engines, racers and even railcars and tankettes.

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A Centenary Celebration of The Conquest of Ben Nevis 1911 - 2011
Arduous trials were commonly used in the early days of motoring to convince a sceptical public that cars could be useful and reliable. Ford UK's MD, Percival Perry accepted a suggestion that enormous publicity would be gained if a Model T became the first car to climb to the summit of Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis. Edinburgh Ford dealer's son Henry Alexander was chosen to make the attempt. After the five days taken to make the ascent, the nation's press arrived to watch a rather quicker descent and the subsequent celebrations in Fort William. This 40-page celebration booklet was compiled by Chris Barker using contemporary reports and photographs to describe the enterprise. It also covers the infant Model T Ford Register of Great Britain's first celebration of the event on its 50th anniversary in 1961. 38 pages A5 booklet. TO ORDER THIS BOOK click here
The Reconquest of Ben Nevis 2011
The Register joined with local enthusiasts and organisations to mark the centenary of the Model T ascent of Ben Nevis. Seventy original Model T cars and trucks gathered in Fort William for a week's touring from Loch Ness to Glen Coe; from Mallaig to Glen Nevis. Meanwhile, a 1911 Model T was successfully driven up to about 1400 feet. The higher part of the mountain is closed to all vehicles so 79 people carried a car, in pieces, to again put a Model T Ford on Ben Nevis very wintry summit, almost exactly 100 years after the original climb. Assembly took 21 minutes - photographs prove it. As in 1911, there were celebrations, press coverage and considerable local interest. This 42-page booklet describes, with over 90 colour illustrations, all aspects of this unique celebration - the planning, the tours, the ascents and the celebrations. 25 pages A5 booklet. TO ORDER THIS BOOK click here